TechScore - Court

Keep your judges and the audience informed. All results are sent to your local Techscore server (installed on you local windows laptop) where they are combined for a total score and displayed to the audience. The court administrator, competition administrator, displays and all other officials access the server via an easy to use iPad style web interface. All access is via web browser so once the server has been installed there is no need to install additional software other than the TechScore iPad apps for the judges.

Publish Results in Real Time

  • Display current competitor and division details
  • Display competitor scores and totals to judges, competitors and audience
  • Excluded high and low scores displayed
  • Calculate and display division medals scores
  • Current competitor, division and round details displayed by Judge iPads

Manage a Court

  • Manage registered judges and their results
  • Selection of division, competitor and round
  • Review and enter judge scores and competitor deductions
  • Add and remove competitors to/from a division
  • Manage teams

Event Management

  • Pre-enter divisions and competitors or load from Excel
  • Marshal competitors to court
  • Track scheduled and completed divisions
  • Copy or move competitors between divisions
  • Manage divisions, competitors, entries and results

Setting Up

  • The Techscore court server can be installed on a current windows laptop
  • Register iPads easily and securely
  • Report on round scores and medals, export to PDF, word, Excel
  • Export all judge scores and times to spreadsheet, CSV
  • Save and load all event details including scores and judges